Graduate Student Snezana Pavlovic Looks forward to Internship at Voice of America

Marymount students have great opportunities for job experience through the Internship Program. On January 12, 2009, I will begin an internship at the Voice of America television/radio station in Washington, D.C.  Little over a week before Barack Obama’s inauguration, the station will be part of the media news storm surrounding the event.  As an intern at Voice of America, I will have the opportunity to participate in covering this historic event.  I will be able to see how this group presents American news to an international audience and how that audience responds to it.  Voice of America broadcasts news to an audience of 45 countries, including my native country of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  As part of my duties in the public relations office, I will give tours around the studios, draft press releases, contact outside media, plan and set up events, and will act as a liaison for the Eastern European division of the station.  While completing my duties, I will be able to use both English and my native of language of Serbian, developing my skills of oral and written communication. Interning at Voice of America will both provide experience in the field of broadcasting and allow me to develop my sense of global dialogue. For more information on Marymount’s internship programs, visit the Career and Internship Center.

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