MU Film Fest

Students from EN 220 will be hosting a documentary film festival from 3:30-8 PM on Saturday, April 4th, at Marymount University’s Reinsch Auditorium.

The festival will show two feature documentaries: “A Place to Land,” and “Playing Columbine: a true story of videogame controversy.”

“A Place to Land” follows the journeys of homeless parrots in captivity across the nation, from foster homes in Northern Virginia to remote sanctuaries in Arizona and Utah. “Playing Columbine” explores how violence in media games is covered in the press, the school shooting phenomenon, and the future of games as an expressive medium. “Playing Columbine” will be followed by a panel discussion of the ethical dilemmas surrounding media games as a new type of experience to audiences – not just a banal space for battles and street fights – but a way to explore the world we live, including its violence.

The feature films will be complemented by short PSAs made by Ballou Senior High School students. So come, enjoy the films, and increase your film repertoire! Take this opportunity not only to view interesting films but also to meet local student and semi-professional filmmakers.

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