October and November Events

We have several events coming up in October and November: a reading by Mary Ann Corrigan this Friday at noon in the Barry Art Gallery; a panel discussion of writing in the workplace on Thursday 10/21 at 12:15 in the Lee Center Atrium (near Bernie’s–see below for details on panelists); our annual Works in Progress lecture with Dr. Amy Scott-Douglass on Wednesday 11/3 (following a poetry reading at noon!), and our Sigma Tau Delta induction and guest speaker at 5pm on Wednesday 11/10.

All events will take place in the Barry Art Gallery across from the library unless otherwise noted. We look forward to seeing you!

Thursday, Oct. 21 Panel
• “Will Write for Food: A Conversation about Using Writing in the Workplace”: 12:15-1:15, Lee Center Atrium. Feel free to bring your lunch. The panel members discussing how they have used writing on the job include
o Tani Adams: Latin America-US social activist & analyst (fellow, US Peace Institute & Woodrow Wilson Center)
o Brian Donovan: technical writer with Tax Compliance Inc (TCI)
o Danielle Leach: Inspire health communities blogger & content developer
o Brian Pangilinan: MU ’09, paralegal with Koonz, McKenney, Johnson DePaolis & Lightfoot, LLP
o Doralisa Pilarte: MU Communications senior writer & former reporter/editor at AP, Miami Herald, and several national/international magazines
o Brian Tinsman: MU ’11, Banner editor, occasional blogger for the Washington Post

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