Faculty-Student Day Trip to the Blackfriars Playhouse

On Saturday, Dr. Howe arranged a day-trip for Marymount graduate students in the Humanities and Literature & Language programs, faculty, and one enterprising undergraduate to the Blackfriars theater in Staunton, VA. The theater is the world’s only historical recreation of the Blackfriars playhouse, where Jacobean-era plays were performed for “private” audiences. Blackfriars was a performance venue in the heart of London’s wealthier district, catering to a more elite –though not necessarily a more well-behaved–audience. The American Shakespeare Center produces historically-informed stagings using minimal props and mimicking for a contemporary audience the dynamics of late 16th and early 17th century British theater, and after our tour of the playhouse, we enjoyed a performance of Hamlet, followed by a brief Q&A with staff. Thanks to all who attended!

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