Jennifer Egan to Visit Marymount

Jennifer Egan to speak at Marymount

Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan will be at Marymount on April 26th to speak about her novel A Visit from the Goon Squad. Nearly 200 Marymount students have read this award-winning, best-selling novel in their literature or writing classes this semester.

All are welcome to attend a Q&A with the author at 1:00 PM in Reinsch Auditorium. A reception and book signing will follow in the Lee Reception Room. Copies of her novel are still available in the campus bookstore.

Egan is the School of Arts and Science’s Distinguished Visiting Professor for 2012. Come welcome her to campus!

“A new classic of American fiction.” – Time

“It ends in the same place its starts, except that everything has changed, including you, the reader.” – The New Republic

“A rich and unforgettable novel about decay and endurance, about individuals in a world as it changes around them.” – The New York Review of Books

“The smartest book you can get your hands on.” – Los Angeles Times

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