Fall 2012 Graduate Orientation

On Saturday, August 25, Dr. Tonya-Marie Howe met with new graduate students of Marymount University’s Literature, Language, and Humanities program. Dr. Howe introduced students to the online features available to students through the Marymount Portal, such as Blackboard, Word Press, and Google mail. Dr. Howe also discussed pertinent information about the Literature, Language, and Humanities program and talked in depth about the curriculum sheets for each of the new tracks in the program: Literature, Language and Composition, and Humanities. Also in attendance at the Graduate Orientation was Martinelle Allen, a returning graduate student, who also answered student’s general questions and provided helpful tips on how to survive their first semester of graduate studies.

If you were not able to attend the August 25 orientation, or if have any questions relating to the Literature, Language, and Humanities program, please contact your advisor, Dr. Tonya-Marie Howe at thowe.marymount.edu.


Welcome to Marymount!

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